Set List - Sit 'n' Bull Pub, Maynard, MA 03/15/07

Set One

Steady as She Goes The Raconteurs
Every Day Tan Odyssey
Grounded Tan Odyssey
Laid James
Drive Tan Odyssey
Here is Gone The Goo Goo Dolls
Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison
Fall Down Toad the Wet Sprocket
You're Not Special Tan Odyssey

Set Two

Wonderwall Oasis
Under the Milky Way The Church
Satellite Guster
Tallahassee Tan Odyssey
Mary Jane's Last Dance Tom Petty
Camarillo Tan Odyssey
Thank God for Canada Tan Odyssey
Bright Light People Tan Odyssey

Set Three

Babylon David Gray
Modern Days Tan Odyssey
Vertigo U2
Shine Collective Soul
Not if...But When Tan Odyssey
Running Down a Dream Tom Petty

Last rites were given to Joel's electric guitar, which fell off the guitar stand during Babylon, cracking the neck. Joel played the last 4 songs totally out of tune (did anyone notice?)

Featured the public debut of many new T.O. originals, including Grounded, Drive, Thank God for Canada (TGFC), Bright Light People, Modern Days, and Not If...But When, all of which the group is currently recording.

The new banner makes its first appearance.