Set List - Acton Boxboro Youth Hockey Night @ Stow Acres Country Club, Stow, MA 04/27/07

Set One

Wonder Wallwall Oasis
Drive Tan Odyssey
You're Not Special Tan Odyssey
SummerBuffalo Tom
Thank God for Canada Tan Odyssey
Bright Light People Tan Odyssey
Blood and Roses Smithereens
Mary Jane's Last Dance Tom Petty

Set Two

Babylon David Gray
Laid James
Modern Days Tan Odyssey
Steady as She Goes The Raconteurs
Tallahassee Tan Odyssey
Satellite Guster
Here is Gone The Goo Goo Dolls

Set Three

Brother Down Sam Roberts
Fall Down Toad the Wet Sprocket
Vertigo U2
Shine Collective Soul
Running Down a Dream Tom Petty
Mr. Jones The Counting Crows

Thanks to the folks at Acton Boxboro Youth Hockey for having us. It was great to see the AB "Solid Gold Dancers" out on the floor for the last set doing the bump and grind with Scott! Despite the hockey crowd, no fights broke out (at least before the band left)!