Set List - Sit 'N Bull Pub, Maynard, MA 11/19/06

Set One

Song Artist

Steady as She Goes The Raconteurs
Saving Grace Tom Petty
Learning to Fly Foo Fighters
You're Not Special Tan Odyssey
Here is Gone The Goo Goo Dolls
Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison
Island in the Sun Weezer
Every Day Tan Odyssey
Summer Buffalo Tom
Tallahassee Tan Odyssey
Dead Flowers The Rolling Stones (With Glenn Leaming on Harmonica)
Mary Jane's Last Dance Tom Petty (With Glenn Leaming on Harmonica)

Set Two

Song Artist

Brother Down Sam Roberts
Babylon David Gray
Under the Milky Way The Church
Shine Collective Soul
Found Out About You Gin Blossoms
Camarillo Tan Odyssey
Blood and Roses The Smitherees
Fall Down Toad the Wet Sprocket
London Calling The Clash
Running Down a Dream Tom Petty

Club debut. Featuring debut of brand new T.O. original songs "Every Day" and "You're Not Special", the latter just released on this web site in time for this gig. Special guest on harmonica, Glenn Leaming to close out the 1st set.