All photos on this page by Jennifer Kirkpatrick. Want to see more photos? Click here

Harvest Cafe, Hudson, MA 2/23/08

Set One

Babylon David Gray
Here is Gone Goo Goo Dolls
Drive Tan Odyssey
Under The Milky Way The Church
Falling Apart Tan Odyssey
Free Falling Tom Petty Modern Days Tan Odyssey
Satellite Guster
Bright Light People Tan Odyssey
Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison
Slide Goo Goo Dolls

Set Two

Into Your Arms The Lemon Heads
Camarillo Tan Odyssey
Kill Myself Pete Droge
Mary Jane's Last Dance Tom Petty
Candles Tan Odyssey
Blood and Roses The Smitherees
Silent MI Tan Odyssey
Not If...But When Tan Odyssey
Every Day Tan Odyssey

Set Three

Wonderwall Oasis
Drive Tan Odyssey
Steady as She Goes The Raconteurs
The Middle Jimmy Eat World
Shine Collective Soul
Grounded Tan Odyssey

A fun night in a great new spot to hear music. Thanks to Karen and Pippa for having us. The sweet sausage with fucilli pasta was to die for! All photos on this page were taken by Jennifer Kirkpatrick, who considers the Harvest Cafe as a 2nd home! Originally scheduled to only play until 10, the crowd demanded a third set. First set featured the T.O. debut of Tom Petty's "Free Falling".