Anna the Elephant


A fun hobby that gets kids excited about being in the woods in Geocaching. All you need is a hand-held GPS device and some detective skills. There is a site on the web called that lists where you can find hidden treasures. You are given Latitude/Longitude pairs, and maybe some other hints. Kids can swap out small items from home with toys/artifacts that are placed in the hidden cache by other geocachers. McDonald's toys are great items to swap. Some folks place items called Travel Bugs in these caches. On one hunt, my kids picked up "Anna the Elephant", and she spent the winter of 2007/2008 with us. We found that Anna is a lover of music, so we took some pictures of her with her favorite CD. We placed Anna in a cache in May 18, 2008, so she could continue her travels. You can read about Anna and her travels here.

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