Meet the players in Tan Odyssey


Bass / backing vocals

A veteran of many Boston - based original rock bands (The Rising Suns, Ripe, Iguana Poets, Any Angel, Vertigo Giant), Scott played all the great clubs that are no longer with us due to what some may call urban renewal (others might call it social decay), including the Rat, the Channel, Bunratty's, etc. His bands opened for the likes of Lone Justice at the Paradise and Radiohead at Bill's Bar. Originally from Weston, Scott now lives in Bolton with his family on a small 6-acre horse farm. When he's not careening into you on the dance floor at a T.O. show, you can generally find him running, biking, or skiing on many of the trails that criss-cross Bolton.

Scott plays either an electric blue Guild Pilot or a cream Fender Jazz bass wirelessly through the "big boy" - a classic 1970 Ampeg SVT cabinent powered by a matching 450 watt head.


Lead vocals / electric and acoustic guitars

The creative muse behind T.O., Joel brings a unique perspective to the microphone as a result of spending too much time at UC Berkeley. With songs about global warming, being laid off, and social injustice, Joel is not afraid to tackle any subject. Joel is well traveled, having lived in Scituate, Atlanta, New Jersey, and California. An avid cyclist who biked across America and raised $20,000 for CF in 2000, Joel lives in Bolton with his family.

Joel plays with an Alvarez acoustic or a Hagstrom Viking through VOX and Marshall cabinets.



Our newest member, Al replaced Chris on drums in 2021. Al played in many bands over the years, incuding The Treatment, Any Angel, Q36, but TO is his first live performance in decades.


Drums / backing vocals

Originally from New Mexico, Chris moved to the Boston area following his college days. Another veteran of the Boston music scene, Chris is no stranger to thowing the drum kit in the van to play at a college gig in upstate NY or Vermont on a cold winter day. Chris is an accomplished jazz musician, and plays both bass and guitar as well. Chris lives in Newton with his family.

Chris plays an antique Ludwig kit from the early '60's.


Lead Guitar

Steve grew up on Pensacola, Florida and graduated from the University of Florida, where he met his wife, who was from Rhode Island. When he got a job in Manchester NH, they looked at the map and pointed to a spot half way between RI and Manchester, their finger landing on Bolton. Knowing a good thing when he's found it, Steve still lives in Bolton with his family.

Steve is the Tan Odyssey "gear guy" - he choses from one of three classic guitars: a Fender Strat, Fender Tele, or Gibson Les Paul, and plays through a Mesa Boogie cabinent and utilizes numerous pedals for various sound effects and textures.

If you have any anecdotes or photos about T.O. collectively or any of the players individually that you'd like to share, drop us a line.